Style Steal: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Hey Babes!

I am so excited to be bringing this series back to the blog. No one loves a style steal more than I do and in today’s post, I’m bringing you an outfit inspired by one of our favorite gossip girls! As always, you can get each piece for $10-30 and the entire outfit for $50-150!

I watched a few gossip girl episodes for inspiration(dedicated research!) and I decided on the following 5 pieces, perfect for fall.

1) Stripes & Satin

Satin shirts are perfect for layering, and Serena wears them often during the show. Stripes are making a comeback this fall and are also our girl’s favorite pattern to mix and match!

                  Striped Satin Shirt: Forever 21 | $15.90

2) Classic Denim Skinny Jeans

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of skinny jeans, and these babies from Target are *affordable* and super comfortable!

                                     Dark Wash Hi-waisted Skinny Jeans: Target | $27.99

3) Blazer for a *Pop* of Color

Serena is known for adding a splash of color in most of her outfits and this mustard yellow is the perf choice to ring in the autumn season. If you watch each season carefully you’ll also notice it’s one of her signature colors!

Collarless Crop Blazer: Charlotte Russe | $23.09

4) Slouchy Cappuccino Boots(Fall Staple & Serena Classic)

A fall inspired Serena look would be nothing without her signature slouchy boots! You can catch Serena wearing boots super similar to these in most of the fall and winter seasons, and your girl even makes it work in the spring!

      Wide Slouchy Tie-Back Boots: Charlotte Russe | $27.99

5) Gold Statement Necklace

To wrap up this outfit I decided to choose a statement necklace to tie our look together. This gorgeous gold paneled necklace goes perfectly with the mustard jacket and also compliments the cappuccino color in the boots!

Sheila Mixed Metal Paddle Necklace: Franchesca’s | $15.00

Ok guys… I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I have so many exciting things in the works for October. Make sure you are subscribed to my email list so you can be updated whenever I post! My social media links are always at the top of the blog so you can stay updated on my life during college.



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The Self Love Challenge

Hey, Babes!

I had so much creating the Self Love Challenge on my instagram. I’ve always been so afraid of showing myself on camera but I actually got a lot of great feedback from you guys about it.

Here’s a wrap up of how the week went!

Challenge # 1:

Treat Yo’ Self

A lot of times I find myself rushing in the morning and not making time for breakfast. Can anybody else relate to this?!

Anyways I decided to set aside this morning(and actually very morning that week) to make myself some breakfast to eat once I got to class/work. Even if it was just a granola bar stuffed in my bag… I still made it count!:)

Challenge # 2

Do something that makes you happy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love reading so naturally I choose picking up a book for this challenge! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan I actually never finished reading the books(I know shame on me). It was so great to pick up a book instead of spending most of the night watching YouTube videos.

Challenge # 3

Give yourself 3 compliments

A lot of times we can be pretty mean to ourselves. So I decided for this challenge to say 3 nice things to myself before I started my day. Although it felt a little weird saying these things in my car before I went to work but(especially when you make eye contact with other people in the parking lot😂) but it actually put me in a good mood to start my day off!

Challenge #4

Dress like your favorite Girl Boss

I get so much outfit inspiration from tv shows and celebrities(especially girl bosses!) I decided to dress up as one of my favorite girl bosses: Blair Waldorf!🙈

Challenge # 5

Have A Self Care Night

Taking care of yourself is so so important and it’s something I’ve been trying to be better at doing this year. Even something as simple as taking a warm bath with relaxing music makes a big difference!!

Challenge #6

Spend Time with People who make you Happy

This past Saturday my friends and I took me out for an early birthday celebration. Just sitting at a table with a few people, eating pancakes and laughing was the best present I could ask for. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you smile!

I learned so much about myself throughout this week and I will definitely implement the techniques I learned in the future. Self love is so so important and I think it deserves a place in everyone’s lives.

I hope you all have an amazing week and for making it to the end of post I have a surprise for you…

I’m finally releasing my YouTube channel!

I’m working on getting a fancy camera but stay tuned for vlogs(omg🙊) coming your way soon!



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The Busy Girl Chronicles: Lessons I’ve Learned in October

Hey Babes!

It’s officially November, and I have been loving the sweater weather we’ve been having lately! The past couple weeks have been filled with so many experiences but I’m glad to finally back on the blog after yet another brief hiatus. I learned so many important lessons in October and I can’t wait to share them with you… So go grab a cup of coffee, cocoa, tea or whatever suits you and let’s catch up:)

Lesson # 1 Self-Love

As much as college made me believe that I’d love going out to parties and bars every weekend, that just wasn’t the case for me. I pretended that I was having fun, when in reality I was realizing counting down the minutes until I could be back in bed. Regardless, I keep telling myself that this was a part of college and I should be having fun. I let this cycle occur for awhile before realizing that I don’t have to go through all of this. If I prefer to stay in my apartment with cocoa and a good book, that’s perfectly fine. I find myself letting what other people think of me often get the best of me. Now I know that you don’t have to give other people the power to change how you feel about yourself. That’s what self-love is all about! It’s something I still need to work though- but I’m glad that I’m finally realizing what it means to practice it in my life.

Lesson # 2 Time

I used to think that I was always running out of time. I saw people accomplishing so much with their time, and found myself being jealous of not having everything together. I realized that just because everyone “seems” to have it all together, everyone is going through something. Just because someone is currently ahead of you, doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your current position.

It just isn’t your time yet.

So instead of forcing myself to make it to a certain point of my life, I decided to step back and realize that my time will come eventually. It make take a couple days, weeks, or longer- but things will eventually work out. They always do:)

Lesson # 3 God Comes First

I understand not everyone who reads my blog is religious, but it is a huge part of my life, so I do want to talk about it. I will be honest and say my faith has been shaky these past couple of months. I haven’t been to church, and my bible has been gathering dust in my dresser drawer. Now, I have gone back to church, and have pulled my bible from its hiding place, I’ve realized that my relationship with god comes before anything else and the happiness that has come from it is something that is so much more fulfilling.

I’ve missed writing on here so much and you will definitely be seeing more of me in your inboxes(and that’s a promise!) I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here very soon. I am so excited to start writing holiday content as my favorite time of the year(Christmas) and slowly coming upon us.

With Love,





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The Busy Girl’s Chronicles: Graduation, Diets, & Gratitude

Hello Babes,

Who else is excited that it’s Friday?! I don’t have class on Fridays this semester so technically my Friday was yesterday, but it still is exciting nonetheless! This week’s Busy Girl Chronicles is all about graduation, my diet, and gratitude.


I meet with my advisor on Wednesday to discuss my plans for graduation and boy does time fly! As she was going through the classes I’ve taken I realized its been 3 years since I moved to college and lived in a tiny dorm on campus. Now I’m living in an apartment with my best friends and I drive to campus instead of taking the bus everywhere(Kinda don’t miss those days if I’m being honest). I expected to be there for at least an hour but 20 minutes flew by and she was saying congratulations. I walked out of her office feeling a flood of emotions all at the same time. I couldn’t believe that me, someone who could barely pass a math test freshman year, was going to walk across the stage in spring with her Bachelor’s Degree. I called my dad in a daze telling him the good news that I could hardly believe myself. There is obviously still work to be done, and I still intend to work hard for these last two semesters, but it feels good to know that I’ve made all my requirements. It’s a list that was daunting to look at when I first signed up for classes and now as I see all the little black check marks, it makes me feel so proud for making it through.

My Diet

If you haven’t been following my blog for long, you wouldn’t know that I tried being a vegetarian for 2 weeks last semester. I documented my experience and the types of food I ended up eating.

You can check out the post here: I went Vegetarian for 2 Weeks

I grew up a meat eater, but for the last couple of years in college, I have gravitated away from meat. Although I do love animals, it really isn’t about that. I have noticed that cutting out red meat from my diet completely and eating white meat sparingly has made a huge difference in my skin & energy levels.  After eating a hamburger, I used to feel so tired and immediately have to take a nap. I would also notice my skin would break out more than normal whenever I’ve eaten a lot of meat. So I decided to cut out meat for 2 weeks and see if anything changed. Although there were obviously pros and cons afterward, I noticed that my skin was almost the clearest its been, and I had so much energy throughout the day. I did feel dizzy sometimes, but I also wasn’t taking any vitamins, which was recommended for people with a primarily vegetarian diet. I don’t think I will be completely vegetarian, although I don’t know what will happen in the future. I also don’t think diets have to be “all or nothing”. You should be able to tweak them to fit your comfort level, and do whatever works for you!


Boy did I learn some lessons this week? Although its something I really don’t enjoy…I tend to find myself complaining about the state of my life. This usually includes complaining about a parking spot, someone cutting me off, or not the dining hall not having what I wanted to eat that day. Anyways, I was driving home after my late class on Monday and I turned up my music. On Monday’s I like to listen to a new album a night to make the drive home more exciting. This particular Monday I was listening to The Mama Mia soundtrack and I started to think about my day. We had gotten out an hour early, so I was going to have time to watch an episode of my favorite show before doing my homework. As I was listening to each song, I thought about the class I just had. We start each class with a newsroom, which is basically a time where we talk about everything that’s going on during the week(the good, bad, and ugly). We talked about people who are losing rights, don’t have access to affordable health care, and how women are still being affected by sexual harassment. I was humming to Dancing Queen at the time, and I suddenly thought about how lucky I was. Sure, I have been through bad times…but have supportive parents, a roof over my head, and I don’t have to worry about my health care or having to leave the place I currently live in. The rest of the ride home consisted of me listing the things I was grateful for and by the time I parked my car at my apartment complex…I had at least 20 things on my list. I realized after that moment that I have SO much to be thankful for- and I should start appreciating those things over the “small stuff” like a parking spot.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and make sure to follow me on my social media handles to be updated on exciting stuff coming soon!



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Busy Girl Chronicles: Senior Year of College

Hey Babes!

I honestly can’t believe I’m already a senior in college. I only have months until I finally get my degree and start a “big girl job”.  My blog is going through some changes and I thought a new series would brighten things up a bit. I am changing up how I post on the blog, and hopefully that means posting more content for you all! This week’s post is all about my first thoughts of senior year!


If you’re in college, you know that each year flies by pretty fast. You live in a dorm and share a bathroom with 12 girls as a freshman and the next thing you know you are driving yourself to the grocery store so you can cook yourself dinner for the week. Now as a senior, I share an apartment with 3 friends and commute to class everyday. If you haven’t been reading my blog for long, you probably think this is a normal occurrence for me. Well, since I strive to be honest and transparent in my blog posts I have a little secret to share with you…

Conquering my Fears

I started driving this summer.

Yep, you heard that right. I’m 21 years old and I just got my first car. You may be thinking that I might be a little old to be a new driver and you may be right…but I am a big believer in letting life run its course. I don’t treat my growth as a human as a competition. I have allowed myself to experience things as my body & soul is ready to do so. So for all you late bloomers out there- There’s nothing wrong with taking a little extra time to grow! It took me 2 years of having my drivers license to actually start driving…but the important thing is I started.

My First Week

Anyways, my first week of classes was filled with new and exciting experiences like that, and also things that really tore my world apart- like realizing that my entire future I’ve planned for myself is slowly approaching(okay maybe not so slowly). I feel like 1,001 things have to be done in the next few months and my mind has been running a mile a minute. With all of this excitement occurring, I also balance a part time job, 16 credits and an editor position for my school’s magazine.

Final Thoughts

All of this craziness can make a girl go crazy! I usually keep myself full of copious amounts of coffee, energy bars, and always having my bible nearby. If anyone can handle the crazy mess that is a busy girl’s life- it’s Jesus. Although it frightens me to be so close to graduation(I turn my grad app in a couple months!) I get this  “butterfly-esque” feeling whenever I think about my future beyond the walls of my college dorm, and apartment.


I intend to post these updates as often as I can, because I like getting personal with you guys! It makes me feel more authentic as a blogger to share the real parts of my life that are not so glamorous all the time. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my content and I hope you enjoyed catching up with me. Consider it our monthly(or bi-monthly) coffee date! Stay Tuned for my weekly podcast, “Woah it’s Wednesday!?”, and Style Steals coming your way!!





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Travel with Me: A Week in California

Hey Babes!

Wow. It’s been a hot second since I’ve been on here but since I’m officially back home for vacation and recovering from Jet lag…I’m back for good! Today I wanted to share the highlights from my two-week vacation to California. I had a blast with family and got to visit so many places. Ok enough chit chat- let’s get into the fun stuff.


 San Francisco

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Although I didn’t get to see where Full House was filmed I had a BLAST navigating my way through the city. We even got to ride around in an authentic cable car! I’ve always seen pictures of these things on Pinterest and in movies but riding it one was such an amazing experience.  We also got to visit this pier with a view of Alcatraz and I had the most amazing chicken nuggets. If you know me you know that I am pretty much a chicken tender and nugget connoisseur. Anyways San Francisco was amazing and I will definitely have to make a trip back soon!


I couldn’t visit California without making a pit stop to Disney! I haven’t been to the park since I was 13 years old so it was great to hang out with family and go on all of my favorite rides. This time around my favorite rides were Pirates and Toy Story Mania! Big thanks to my cousin for getting us in!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Also… I found this hunk hanging around in Hollywood Studios and had to stop by to take a pic.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Long Beach Pier

I had a blast hanging out at the pier in Long Beach. There was an outdoor shopping outlet and it was such a nice spot for walking and hanging out with friends!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


One of the best parts of visiting Cali was trying all the amazing food places! I listed some of my favorite dishes I ate and the places I ate them at! Favorite meal of the trip had to be the Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes.

Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes at Squeeze

In & Out Burger and Fries 

Acai Bowl at Blue Bowl

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


I had such an amazing two weeks with my family and I hope to visit again very soon! I love you guys so much and I’ll see you soon with a new post!

















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Woah It’s Friday?!?(Where I’ve Been, Updates, Newsletter)

Hey Babes!

Ok, you may be reading the title right now and are super confused. I usually make these posts on Wednesdays-but If I’m being honest life has gotten super crazy. I finally have caught up on my summer classes and trust me, I’m grinding out fresh content for the next couple of weeks. I appreciate all of you and everything you guys do for me. So with that being said, I have quite a few updates for you all!

1. Newsletter

If you are reading this(hi) you are probably subscribed to my blog! If you have subscribed to my website within the last 6 months you can go ahead and skip to the next update! If you are a WordPress follower who followed me before my site relaunch then I have a couple of updates for you. My Woah, it’s Wednesday wrap up will now be an email only newsletter. So if you followed me before my site relaunch you may have to resubscribe to get in on the action! It’s super easy…all you have to do is go to my website( and click that subscribe button on the left-hand side! That way you will have access to the newsletter and all the crazy and fun updates that may be in it!

2. Podcast

I will now be uploading once a week every Saturday at 11 pm EST. Posting twice a week got super crazy so I decided to cut down on posting so my content remains fresh and prevalent to you guys!


3. Style Steals & How To Dress For______

There will be a new segment on my blog and a revamp of an oldie. Every Monday I will still be recreating an outfit of your choice(the poll will be up on my instagram every sunday as usual) but I’ve just changed the name and cover photo. My new segment will focus on creating an inclusive style guide for ANY occasion. This may include How to Dress for a wedding, school, picnic, date, etc.

4. Writing

Some of you may know I am a writer outside of blogging on The Roarin’ Twenty Somethin’. I have been working on a series(its a secret for now) and I want to share it with you guys! I’ll have more updates on this as they come so make sure you are following me on social media! (links at the top bar)

Ok guys…I think that’s about it. I’m excited to share my new content with you and I will see you on Saturday for my next podcast episode!!





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Woah It’s Wednesday?! : Friends, Re-Branding, Shopping Finds

Hey Babes!

I can’t believe this is my 3rd week doing these posts! I love catching up on my week with you guys so get your coffee or wine ready!!


One of my best friends from college visited me on Tuesday and we got to spend the whole day down at the boardwalk. I haven’t been down there in ages and it was great to catch up with her! I love those friendships were the two of you pick up like it’s only been minutes between seeing each other. I’ll have a full OOTD post and more about the boardwalk later!


I’ve done a lot of progress on my blog and without giving out TOO many spoilers… my blog just might be having a mini transformation. Most of you know that I am known as a Lifestyle AND Fashion blogger. Lately, I’ve been wanting to branch away from the lifestyle niche and focus on fashion. Fashion is the reason I started my blog in the first place and it really is what I want to brand myself as in hopes of a career in the field. This doesn’t mean that I will fully nix my lifestyle posts…I know several of you follow me for those! This just means my focus is going to be on fashion since that’s what seems to be the most popular for you guys on my social media.

Shopping Finds

What would my weekly wrap up be without a list of things I spent money on?!😂

Here are a few purchases I have been LOVING lately(full post TBA)

High Waisted Jeans (bought for $26 on sale)

Sunglasses(Prescription) $30

What can I say…I just love to shop🤷🏽‍♀️

Ok, that’s pretty much it for the wrap-up! Thanks for catching up with me and make sure to tune into my podcast this Saturday! (Topic will be announced on my twitter @roarin20smth as always!)




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#OOTD: Beach Boardwalk

Hey Babes!

I made a trip to the boardwalk with one of my best friends and decided to post a full OOTD so you guys can find any of the pieces if you want!

Cardigan: Target(Found at clearance and possibly sold out)

Shorts: Thrifted pair of Charlotte Russe Jeans

Tank: Target

Purse: Coach(Gift from Mom)

Sunglasses: Eyebuydirect Dialogue frames(prescription)

Ok, guys, that’s the entire outfits! Like this, if you love OOTD’s and want this to be a regular series on my channel:)






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Style Steal: Aria from Pretty Little Liars

Hey Babes!

I made a poll on my twitter & instagram as usual…and asked you guys which Pretty Little Liar I should make an affordable outfit for! Aria is actually one of my favorite characters and I was secretly hoping you guys would choose her. Anyways- All of the items listed below are under $30…so let’s get started!

  1. Top


Since I was a bit bold with my print choices in this look I decided to stick with a solid color tank top. Aria loves mixing prints in her outfits- but she usually has one basic color that she layers the prints with.

Top $22

2. Layering Cardigan

This is where I had the most fun. Aria’s layering pieces are so funky and as soon as I saw this cheetah print cardigan…I had to add it to the list. Paired with the tank top the colors blend perfectly and definitely channel Aria’s artsy vibes.

Cardigan $10

3. Shorts

Aria wears a variety of dresses, skirts, and sometimes even overalls on the show. Since this look book is affordable and its summer time…I thought pairing a nice pair of denim shorts would be suitable…and Aria definitely wears them during the show!

Shorts $12.90

4. Tights

This wouldn’t be an Aria look book without a pair of patterned tights to wrap the outfit together! These are one of my favorite accesories of Aria’s and I find her most notable outfits on the show to include them!

Tights $10

5. Shoes

As my 5th item I decided to go for a pair of spacey combat boots instead of my usual jewelry piece. There are plenty of places to find chunky pieces like Aria’s but I feel like an outfit ALWAYS needs a good pair of shoes…it wouldn’t be complete without it. These silver boots scream Aria and I can already imagine her strutting through Rosewood in them to get to Ezra!

Combat Boots $14.99

Ok guys…that’s pretty much it for the look book! If you decide to recreate the outfit please send me pics on twitter with the hash tag #fablooksforless(the new name for the series!)

I love you guys so much and I’ll see you on Wednesday for my weekly wrap up!



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