My Favorite Outfits from The Oscar’s 2018


Hello Babes!

I’m always excited to tune into the Oscar’s every year to see all the beautiful outfits on display at the opening red carpet ceremony! This year was no exception…I saw so many new trends that are becoming popular for this spring(and summer!) Although I saw several celebrities with gorgeous pieces- I did have some favorites I wanted to share with you all. I’ll start with the lovely ladies and finish off with a couple dashing men.

Alright, let’s get started!:)

*I will link the outfit on Vogue so you all can take a close look at the outfits…I didn’t include them on here for copyright reasons and I hope you understand!:)

Jennifer sported a floor-length Versace royal blue gown. I especially loved the off the shoulder detail. Her dress had a sweetheart detail and the shoulder detail perfectly drew the eyes to her collarbone without taking away from the rest of the dress. Royal Blue is a perfect color for spring, and I have a feeling this color will be making an appearance in plenty of spring wardrobes. Floor length dresses are tough to pull off- especially when more than one color is used. This rich color made Jennifer look like an actual queen and I will definitely be saving this color for future statement pictures.

Lupita stunned everyone(me included) with her gold detailed formfitting Versace gown. I don’t know if any of you have seen Black Panther, but Lupita kills it in her role, and this dress is no less a killer in its self. I don’t think her inclusion of black and gold details is a mistake. The dress screams black panther vibes, as well as general bad a** vibes. My favorite part of this dress was the gold sheen in addition to the high knee slit on the right side. Lupita kills the fashion game as usual, and I definitely think that I will watch Black Panther sometime again the near future!

Saoirse Saoirse Saoirse! She has recently come under my radar since I’ve been watching several of her famous movies, but her outfits never really stood out to me.  Boy oh boy was I surprised when she walked out on the red carpet! Saiorse sported a Calvin Klein matte pink gown with a gorgeous bow tied on the bag. This giant bow was definitely my favorite piece of the outfit and it really accentuated Sairorse’s youthful and fun personality. Matte pink is definitely making a come back for spring, and since it is my favorite color I couldn’t be more excited.

I immediately wanted to watch Wonder Woman for the gazillionth time when Gal stepped out on the red carpet. Not only is Givenchy dress a beautiful silver, but it also channeled the 1920’s flapper dress which in addition to being a favorite decade of mine for fashion, is a bold choice. I personally think she rocked the flapper vibes and the dress shimmered in the light whenever she twirled on the carpet(absolutely adorable)

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share the sole male outfit I had my eyes on. The men at the Oscars usually stick the same types of outfits- a classic black Armani, or Gucci suit and black shoes. Simple yet not overdone when done right. Armie was a dapper exception to this classic rule. He sported a red velvet Armani suit with shiny black loafers. In addition to being the charming and strapping man he is, this suit was really a bold choice for him. Like Gadot’s dress, it wasn’t something I saw a lot on the red carpet…especially for a man. I will definitely be tuning in more to men’s fashion after Armie has flown under my radar. Who knows- I may start a segment on Men’s fashion for you guys.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will be looking forward to sharing my favorites for the next award show that comes around. Make sure to scroll to the top of the homepage to follow me on all my social media handles to stay updated!








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