The Self Love Challenge

Hey, Babes!

I had so much creating the Self Love Challenge on my instagram. I’ve always been so afraid of showing myself on camera but I actually got a lot of great feedback from you guys about it.

Here’s a wrap up of how the week went!

Challenge # 1:

Treat Yo’ Self

A lot of times I find myself rushing in the morning and not making time for breakfast. Can anybody else relate to this?!

Anyways I decided to set aside this morning(and actually very morning that week) to make myself some breakfast to eat once I got to class/work. Even if it was just a granola bar stuffed in my bag… I still made it count!:)

Challenge # 2

Do something that makes you happy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love reading so naturally I choose picking up a book for this challenge! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan I actually never finished reading the books(I know shame on me). It was so great to pick up a book instead of spending most of the night watching YouTube videos.

Challenge # 3

Give yourself 3 compliments

A lot of times we can be pretty mean to ourselves. So I decided for this challenge to say 3 nice things to myself before I started my day. Although it felt a little weird saying these things in my car before I went to work but(especially when you make eye contact with other people in the parking lot😂) but it actually put me in a good mood to start my day off!

Challenge #4

Dress like your favorite Girl Boss

I get so much outfit inspiration from tv shows and celebrities(especially girl bosses!) I decided to dress up as one of my favorite girl bosses: Blair Waldorf!🙈

Challenge # 5

Have A Self Care Night

Taking care of yourself is so so important and it’s something I’ve been trying to be better at doing this year. Even something as simple as taking a warm bath with relaxing music makes a big difference!!

Challenge #6

Spend Time with People who make you Happy

This past Saturday my friends and I took me out for an early birthday celebration. Just sitting at a table with a few people, eating pancakes and laughing was the best present I could ask for. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you smile!

I learned so much about myself throughout this week and I will definitely implement the techniques I learned in the future. Self love is so so important and I think it deserves a place in everyone’s lives.

I hope you all have an amazing week and for making it to the end of post I have a surprise for you…

I’m finally releasing my YouTube channel!

I’m working on getting a fancy camera but stay tuned for vlogs(omg🙊) coming your way soon!



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