Who is The Roarin’ Twenty Somethin’?

Dear Reader,

My name is Jasmine and this is my blog! I started this blog when I turned 21, to mark the official start of my twenties and all the crazy, exciting, and hilarious events that came along with it. My dream is to write for a fashion magazine in New York…so you could say I dream pretty big. I am obsessed with 70’s fashion, iced coffee, cats, and anything having to do with Disney. I have a big heart and see the world through rose colored glasses. My curious nature gets the best of me sometimes, but it also allows me to see the world as a creative and magical place. So grab a cup of coffee(or tea, or wine) and let’s talk about everything that scares and excites us.

I love a great conversation…especially if it includes a good cup of coffee:)




Interested in working with me??? Download my Media Kit below and email me at theroarin20somethin@gmail.com

Media Kit



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