Woah It’s Wednesday?!: Skincare, New Job, Working Out

Hello Babes!

I have been planning posts for you guys(get excited) and I’m finally ready to share my newest segment with you all! Every Wednesday, you will receive a “Weekly Wrap-up” from me with updates from my personal life, things I’ve been loving, Crazy work stories…pretty much anything goes! I also am using this as a chance to get to know my followers…so make sure to DM me on my social media links so we can chat about our weeks together!  I’m naming this series “Woah it’s Wednesday!?”, so make sure to look for that popping up in your inbox!

So grab a cup of coffee(or your favorite drink) and I’ll share with you the break down on my week so far:


This past weekend I finally went out and treated myself to some new skincare products. As a #broke college student I have sacrificed this kind of stuff in the past, but after watching some youtube videos on Self Care- I realized you really can’t skimp on this kind of stuff. I’ll link everything I purchased below so you can check it out…but the important thing is that you don’t need a ton of dough to take care of yourself(and especially your skin!). Most(if not all) the items linked below are under $20, and totally affordable for gals on a budget. I plan on writing a full post on my skincare routine so I’ll definitely give a full list of products and talk about them in more depth then.

Vivitar Face Brush:


Oil-Free Moisturizer:


New Job

I recently started working a retail job, and although the gif above perfectly sums up the bad days- I actually really enjoy what I do! This past Monday was my first time working the cash register and after some practice, I think I’m getting the hang of it. I may have made one of two customers leave with safety tags still on their clothes- but hey it was my first day after all🤷🏽‍♀️

Working Out

I am no Richard Simmons, but I actually have developed a pretty decent work out routine that I’ve been sticking too! In the past, I used to restrict myself to a specific plan or “calendar” but this only made me feel bad about myself if I strayed away and missed a couple of days. Since I love doing Yoga and Pilates, I decided to warm up in the morning with a yoga routine, do a 15-minute pilates and wrap up with a quick yoga cool down. If you guys would like a full post on exactly what I do(including videos and the YouTubers I follow) make sure to comment down below and let me know!

Ok, guys, that’s it for today’s update! I hope you guys enjoyed catching up with me and be sure to follow me on my social media links(you can find them at the top of my blog in the right corner!) and chat with me!






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