Woah it’s Wednesday?!Music, Law of Attraction, Weekend Shopping Finds

Hey Babes!

It’s Wednesday so that means a new update from your’s truly!! This week has gone by pretty fast(honestly ok with me😅) and I’m excited to share the hi-lights with you!

So grab a cup of coffee(or a glass of wine) and let’s catch up:

🎶 Music 🎶I am a huge fan of Spotify and something I like to do every now and then is to create a Spotify playlist inspired by a season, mood, or even a specific person(celebrity, tv character, etc). Music is something that’s always inspired me. Making and finding these playlists created by others has helped me keep my creative juices flowing… so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Playlists by me:

Morning Coffee Playlist( Perfect for productive mornings, and 🧘‍♀️)

Playlists created by others:

Songs To Break The Glass Ceiling To( I love listening to this while working on blog posts, getting homework done, and cleaning💃🏽)

Credit: Teidriver

Persephone ( Perfect for writer’s block, late night journaling, and pamper nights 🌹)

Credit: Stressingout

Law of Attraction ✨I plan on making a full post on my thoughts on The Law of Attraction, but it’s something I have been reading and learning about over the past couple of weeks! Basically it’,s a mindset that allows you to accomplish something if you set goals and start acting like you already have accomplished what you dream of doing.

Here are some resources just in case you’re interested in learning more:

Isabel Palacios✨

Scripting Routine(Law of Attraction)

Kalyn Nicholson✨

The Law of Attraction + How To Manifest What You Want

Annie Tarasova(she has TONS of great videos)✨

How to Use The Law of Attraction

👗Weekend Shopping Finds👗

This past Saturday was an amazing shopping day for me and I found a couple of great pieces for my summer wardrobe. Everything was under $30 and I’ll link a couple things I was especially excited about:

Pink Lace Kimono:

Lace Cardigan ( I got the pinkish coral color for $8 at my Target👏🏻)

The Rosé Shoes:

Rose Gold Memory Foam Sneaker (I paid $11 for these at TJMaxx but I was only able to link a price higher so y’all could see the picture… definitely check your local Marshall’s and TJMaxx… they always have new styles coming out and you could try to find something similar)

*Also: Am I finally getting into my 20’s when I get more excited about my feet not hurting rather than the color?😂

Well g, ys, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Make sure you are following me on social media so you can get updates about the podcast and new blog posts!!

Episode 5 will be up tonight👀

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Here’s a hint: 😍

Love Y’all!


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