Woah It’s Friday?!?(Where I’ve Been, Updates, Newsletter)

Hey Babes!

Ok, you may be reading the title right now and are super confused. I usually make these posts on Wednesdays-but If I’m being honest life has gotten super crazy. I finally have caught up on my summer classes and trust me, I’m grinding out fresh content for the next couple of weeks. I appreciate all of you and everything you guys do for me. So with that being said, I have quite a few updates for you all!

1. Newsletter

If you are reading this(hi) you are probably subscribed to my blog! If you have subscribed to my website within the last 6 months you can go ahead and skip to the next update! If you are a WordPress follower who followed me before my site relaunch then I have a couple of updates for you. My Woah, it’s Wednesday wrap up will now be an email only newsletter. So if you followed me before my site relaunch you may have to resubscribe to get in on the action! It’s super easy…all you have to do is go to my website(theroarintwentysomethin.com) and click that subscribe button on the left-hand side! That way you will have access to the newsletter and all the crazy and fun updates that may be in it!

2. Podcast

I will now be uploading once a week every Saturday at 11 pm EST. Posting twice a week got super crazy so I decided to cut down on posting so my content remains fresh and prevalent to you guys!


3. Style Steals & How To Dress For______

There will be a new segment on my blog and a revamp of an oldie. Every Monday I will still be recreating an outfit of your choice(the poll will be up on my instagram every sunday as usual) but I’ve just changed the name and cover photo. My new segment will focus on creating an inclusive style guide for ANY occasion. This may include How to Dress for a wedding, school, picnic, date, etc.

4. Writing

Some of you may know I am a writer outside of blogging on The Roarin’ Twenty Somethin’. I have been working on a series(its a secret for now) and I want to share it with you guys! I’ll have more updates on this as they come so make sure you are following me on social media! (links at the top bar)

Ok guys…I think that’s about it. I’m excited to share my new content with you and I will see you on Saturday for my next podcast episode!!





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