The Busy Girl’s Chronicles: Graduation, Diets, & Gratitude

Hello Babes,

Who else is excited that it’s Friday?! I don’t have class on Fridays this semester so technically my Friday was yesterday, but it still is exciting nonetheless! This week’s Busy Girl Chronicles is all about graduation, my diet, and gratitude.


I meet with my advisor on Wednesday to discuss my plans for graduation and boy does time fly! As she was going through the classes I’ve taken I realized its been 3 years since I moved to college and lived in a tiny dorm on campus. Now I’m living in an apartment with my best friends and I drive to campus instead of taking the bus everywhere(Kinda don’t miss those days if I’m being honest). I expected to be there for at least an hour but 20 minutes flew by and she was saying congratulations. I walked out of her office feeling a flood of emotions all at the same time. I couldn’t believe that me, someone who could barely pass a math test freshman year, was going to walk across the stage in spring with her Bachelor’s Degree. I called my dad in a daze telling him the good news that I could hardly believe myself. There is obviously still work to be done, and I still intend to work hard for these last two semesters, but it feels good to know that I’ve made all my requirements. It’s a list that was daunting to look at when I first signed up for classes and now as I see all the little black check marks, it makes me feel so proud for making it through.

My Diet

If you haven’t been following my blog for long, you wouldn’t know that I tried being a vegetarian for 2 weeks last semester. I documented my experience and the types of food I ended up eating.

You can check out the post here: I went Vegetarian for 2 Weeks

I grew up a meat eater, but for the last couple of years in college, I have gravitated away from meat. Although I do love animals, it really isn’t about that. I have noticed that cutting out red meat from my diet completely and eating white meat sparingly has made a huge difference in my skin & energy levels.¬† After eating a hamburger, I used to feel so tired and immediately have to take a nap. I would also notice my skin would break out more than normal whenever I’ve eaten a lot of meat. So I decided to cut out meat for 2 weeks and see if anything changed. Although there were obviously pros and cons afterward, I noticed that my skin was almost the clearest its been, and I had so much energy throughout the day. I did feel dizzy sometimes, but I also wasn’t taking any vitamins, which was recommended for people with a primarily vegetarian diet. I don’t think I will be completely vegetarian, although I don’t know what will happen in the future. I also don’t think diets have to be “all or nothing”. You should be able to tweak them to fit your comfort level, and do whatever works for you!


Boy did I learn some lessons this week?¬†Although its something I really don’t enjoy…I tend to find myself complaining about the state of my life. This usually includes complaining about a parking spot, someone cutting me off, or not the dining hall not having what I wanted to eat that day. Anyways, I was driving home after my late class on Monday and I turned up my music. On Monday’s I like to listen to a new album a night to make the drive home more exciting. This particular Monday I was listening to The Mama Mia soundtrack and I started to think about my day. We had gotten out an hour early, so I was going to have time to watch an episode of my favorite show before doing my homework. As I was listening to each song, I thought about the class I just had. We start each class with a newsroom, which is basically a time where we talk about everything that’s going on during the week(the good, bad, and ugly). We talked about people who are losing rights, don’t have access to affordable health care, and how women are still being affected by sexual harassment. I was humming to Dancing Queen at the time, and I suddenly thought about how lucky I was. Sure, I have been through bad times…but have supportive parents, a roof over my head, and I don’t have to worry about my health care or having to leave the place I currently live in. The rest of the ride home consisted of me listing the things I was grateful for and by the time I parked my car at my apartment complex…I had at least 20 things on my list. I realized after that moment that I have SO much to be thankful for- and I should start appreciating those things over the “small stuff” like a parking spot.

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