Busy Girl Chronicles: Senior Year of College

Hey Babes!

I honestly can’t believe I’m already a senior in college. I only have months until I finally get my degree and start a “big girl job”.  My blog is going through some changes and I thought a new series would brighten things up a bit. I am changing up how I post on the blog, and hopefully that means posting more content for you all! This week’s post is all about my first thoughts of senior year!


If you’re in college, you know that each year flies by pretty fast. You live in a dorm and share a bathroom with 12 girls as a freshman and the next thing you know you are driving yourself to the grocery store so you can cook yourself dinner for the week. Now as a senior, I share an apartment with 3 friends and commute to class everyday. If you haven’t been reading my blog for long, you probably think this is a normal occurrence for me. Well, since I strive to be honest and transparent in my blog posts I have a little secret to share with you…

Conquering my Fears

I started driving this summer.

Yep, you heard that right. I’m 21 years old and I just got my first car. You may be thinking that I might be a little old to be a new driver and you may be right…but I am a big believer in letting life run its course. I don’t treat my growth as a human as a competition. I have allowed myself to experience things as my body & soul is ready to do so. So for all you late bloomers out there- There’s nothing wrong with taking a little extra time to grow! It took me 2 years of having my drivers license to actually start driving…but the important thing is I started.

My First Week

Anyways, my first week of classes was filled with new and exciting experiences like that, and also things that really tore my world apart- like realizing that my entire future I’ve planned for myself is slowly approaching(okay maybe not so slowly). I feel like 1,001 things have to be done in the next few months and my mind has been running a mile a minute. With all of this excitement occurring, I also balance a part time job, 16 credits and an editor position for my school’s magazine.

Final Thoughts

All of this craziness can make a girl go crazy! I usually keep myself full of copious amounts of coffee, energy bars, and always having my bible nearby. If anyone can handle the crazy mess that is a busy girl’s life- it’s Jesus. Although it frightens me to be so close to graduation(I turn my grad app in a couple months!) I get this  “butterfly-esque” feeling whenever I think about my future beyond the walls of my college dorm, and apartment.


I intend to post these updates as often as I can, because I like getting personal with you guys! It makes me feel more authentic as a blogger to share the real parts of my life that are not so glamorous all the time. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my content and I hope you enjoyed catching up with me. Consider it our monthly(or bi-monthly) coffee date! Stay Tuned for my weekly podcast, “Woah it’s Wednesday!?”, and Style Steals coming your way!!





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  1. Wow 😯 Your blogs are spot on! I particularly like the way the information and personal experiences are left up to interpretation, but clearly get the point, observations, and life expectations across!!

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