How to Crush Your Next Interview

Hello Babes!

After finishing 3 in the past week, I think I have gathered some advice for anyone feeling nervous about interviewing! Two of my interviews were group interviews, and the last one was a one on one. I personally prefer one on one interviews, but a lot of interviews these days tend to be group because of the number of applicants who apply. 

Here are my best tips for sounding confident and professional for your next interview:

Tackling the Group Interview

Most companies will let you know if you will be interviewing with other applicants, but sometimes you might just get there and find out on the spot(like me). In this case, you have to engage and ask questions just as much as the other applicants! This means asking thought-provoking questions, making your voice heard amongst the sea of fresh faces.

Pro tip #1: Sit up straight

This might sound obvious, but make sure your posture is professional and open to your interviewer! Make eye contact, and keep your expressions neutral. Also, make sure to look and interact with the other applicants…no one likes an applicant that spends time talking about herself/himself and doesn’t care about what other people are saying!

Pay Attention to What You’re Wearing

Depending on what job you are applying for, your outfit can make or break your first impression with your potential employer. For example, I interviewed for clothing stores, so I made sure my outfits were brand free and professional. Each job has its different requirements!

Pro tip #2: Cater to your brand

If you are applying for a job who’s brand screams the 70’s…try to incorporate some bell sleeves or paisley prints in your outfit. If they are obviously 90’s baby’s at heart- this is your chance to break out the platforms and metallics! Whatever you decide make sure you still look professional for your employer. 

Get There Early(or at least 15 minutes early)

No one likes awaiting a late candidate… so make sure you are in the general vicinity at least 15 minutes before your interview starts! Sometimes your potential employer may even take you in early- it all depends on the situation!

Eat Before You Go

I don’t know about you guys, but I really can’t focus if I haven’t eaten anything. No matter what time your interview is…make sure you have a complete meal before you leave! Make sure to avoid breath killers like garlic, and teeth stainers like wine before you start snacking.

Pro Tip #3: Keep Snacks in your bag

Speaking of snacks…I like to keep 1-2 in my bag at all times. This way if you don’t have time to eat before you leave, you can munch on a granola bar or dried fruit while you wait for your turn!

Ok, guys, those are my best tips to get you through your next interview! I hope you guys found the tips helpful and make sure to tune in tonight for the next episode of my podcast! I will be talking about my interview experience and may just have some special guests as well. 



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