Woah It’s Wednesday?!: The Bold Type, Podcast, Eating Healthy

Hey Babes!

This week has been crazy and also exciting. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s catch up!

The Bold Type

Season 2 of The Bold Type just came out and I’m LIVING for it. If you are also watching the show be sure to comment down below and let me know!! I’d love to chat about it an also know who you ship… I’m personally #teamsuttard😍 If love to know what you think about the show- I was thinking about making a podcast episode series about it so let me know if you would enjoy seeing something like that!!


Speaking of my podcast- it’s crazy that I’m already at my 7th episode🙊 I’m always open to new topics so make sure to DM me with all your suggestions! I’ll be doing a giveaway once I reach 1,000 followers on my Instagram so make sure to follow me there to stay updated!!

Eating Healthy

I don’t know about you guys… but I hate diets🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m currently trying to pick out a healthy eating challenge for the next month but every one I find seems to be so restricting. I’d love some suggestions so if you are following a plan that works for you feel free to comment down below so I can check it out!!

Alrighty, guys, that’s my wrap up for ya! I hope you guys have a great night and I LOVE you all😘



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